Links and Other Resources

One goal of the Kingston Springs Farmers and Artisans Market is to be a resource for anyone in the community who appreciates local sourcing – whether it’s from the farm down the road or your own back yard. Below are some things you may find useful.

Local Resources

South Cheatham Public Library | South Cheatham Advocate


Pick TN Products | Real Time Farms | Local Harvest | American Towns

South Cheatham Classifieds | Agrilicious |


Farming & Gardening

The Old Farmers Almanac | Master Gardener Certification | Homegrown

FarmAid | Kitchen Gardeners | Growing Vegetables in Home Gardens

UT Agricultural Extension | Center for Profitable Agriculture

UT Gardening Tips & Magazine | Tennessee Home & Farm | Tennessee Climate



The Kingston Springs Farmers & Artisans Market is now included on some mobile phone apps. That means that you can find it among all the farmer’s markets in the area. There are free apps for both iPhone and Droid, and here’s how you get them:


Farmstand App (iPhone only)
Find My Farmers Market (Droid)
PickTN Products (iPhone and Droid)

The Business Side

Chamber of Commerce

Starting a Farm | Beginning Farmers


The Kingston Springs farmers market makes no warranty as to the content,
accuracy of information, or products offered on other websites and only provides these links as a courtesy.

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